How long does delivery take?
Our fine art prints are delivered between 5 - max. 14 working days (depending of the location) after receipt of the order.
What sets DIAZO Landscapes apart from other landscape photos?
DIAZO Landscapes are exclusively photographed using high-resolution, medium-format digital systems. This creates large-format art prints with fascinating details. Some of the images are shot using a special technique that creates an infinite depth of field. The use of this technology in landscape photography is fairly unique – just like our prices. Fine art prints in this quality usually start at several thousand euros.
Is it possible to return a fine art print after it is ordered?
Unfortunately, fine art prints cannot be returned after delivery because each print is produced individually according to customer specifications for size and material.
Will new landscapes be added to the collection?
New landscapes from other countries will be made available from time to time.
Are all landscape images permanently available?
Yes, as long as we actively pursue the DIAZO Landscapes art project. In rare cases, certain images may be licensed exclusively to B2B customers and removed from the available collection of fine art prints. Therefore, it is important to order a preferred print early to guarantee delivery.
To ensure that you enjoy your Fine Art Print for a long time, you should consider the following when hanging the image:

1) Hanging
For large formats, make sure that the art is hung symmetrically with two nails or screws. Never hang it using a wire or a cord at just one point.

2) Location
Please avoid hanging the pictures in direct sunlight. This can lead to faster aging of the print and a possible fading of the colors. Hanging it right above a radiator is also not recommended. It is also not recommended to hang the images in rooms with very high humidity, unless it is an Alu-Dibond direct print (we also offer this - photo printing on aluminium dibond). Alu-Dibond direct prints can also be hung in e.g. the bathroom as long as they are not within a wooden frame.

3) Cleaning
To dust and clean the image after a long time, please use only a lint-free, soft and dry cloth. A microfiber cloth is best. Avoid pressure and heavy friction when dusting. Never use a glass cleaner to clean the surface, this also applies to photo printing under acrylic glass.

Is it possible to order special formats?
This is not possible for single orders. However, arrangements can be made for projects requiring multiple prints. Please email special requests to office@diazo-landscapes.com and we will contact you personally.
In print production, we greatly value maximum quality using consistent color management and a workflow of calibrated systems. Please note that the color and contrast display on your monitor may differ slightly from the print. On the one hand, this may be because of the use of an uncalibrated monitor. On the other hand, of course, this is due to the technical representation on the monitor using luminous RGB pixels (additive color mixing) and the use of CMYK printing inks (subtractive color mixing) when printing your fine art print on a non-luminous material. The substrate, of course, is another factor in this context. 
Is there a quantity discount available if I order multiple prints?
The sales price of our fine art prints is calculated in such a way that we, unfortunately, cannot offer discounts. However, shipping for multiple prints is only charged for the first image. All other prints in the same size are shipped free of charge. In other words, shipping costs remain the same, whether you order one or one hundred prints.