DIAZO Landscapes are part of an art project aimed at stimulating positive emotions through landscape photography. Nature vitalizes, strengthens and creates a sense of inner calmness. Numerous scientific studies have shown that simply seeing an image of nature has a positive effect on our physical and mental well-being (more information in our newsletter).
 Many people today live in metropolitan areas, far away from pristine nature. We want to bring natural impressions back into their lives with our fine art landscapes. These photographs are windows into a world that is very much a part of us. They are like vitamins for our everyday lives. They open up space and evoke positive emotions.

Ika (photograoher):

"I am convinced that experiencing nature allows us to have a harmonious encounter with ourselves and with life. We feel a connection and peace, far away from human expectations and ideas. Especially in these times of media overload and social pressure, nature offers a place of unconditional relaxation. I am very happy to make this project a window into nature.

During my hikes with heavy photo equipment on my back, I have often imagined that the landscapes I shoot could delight those who otherwise wouldn't get to see them. This thought inspires me and always gives me enough strength to climb the next remote peak. I hope that, like me, you enjoy discovering the fantastic diversity of our planet."

Our fine art images are created using high-resolution, medium-format digital systems. Many of the photos are shot using an advanced technique that produces an infinite depth of field. This maximizes the sharpness and resolution of the landscape – from the smallest stone in the foreground to the horizon – and creates a unique sense of space and the feeling of gliding into nature. These fine art prints are marked with the abbreviation focusMAX.