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focusmax Z042

Fine Art in High End Quality

Every fine art print is produced in high end quality. Enjoy nature in unique quality! You can choose between different materials.

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High End Resolution, Sharpness and Contrast

Our fine art images are created using high-resolution, medium-format digital systems. Many of the photos are shot using an advanced technique that produces an infinite depth of field. This maximizes the sharpness and resolution of the landscape – from the smallest stone in the foreground to the horizon – and creates a unique sense of space and the feeling of gliding into nature. These fine art prints are marked with the abbreviation focusMAX.

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Health & Well-being

Being active in nature has the biggest positive impact for your health & well-being. But many scientific studies show that the image of nature has a significant influence on a better state of health, too. Here are some excerpts from studies and the sources (Study quotes courtesy of Dr. Rainer Brämer /

According to Dr. Roger S. Ulrich (Ph.D.), even unspectacular natural scenes have a positive effect on the mood of their viewers. Above all, pictures of beautiful natural landscapes have a calming and relaxing effect (Ulrich 1979 after Knopf 1987, Saum-Aldehoff 1993, Gebhard 1994). Using slide series, Dr. Ulrich (in environment and behavior 1981, p. 523) found that beautiful landscape scenes can lower pulse and blood pressure and, according to EEG measurements, amplify alpha waves in human brains, which are known to provide an increased level of relaxation and balance signal (after button 1987, Saum-Aldehoff 1993, Gebhard 1994).

The psychological and physical effects of green sceneries indicate stress reduction, even if only by looking through a window, looking at slides or posters. (Jean Marie Cackowski / Jack L. Nasar 2003)

Prof. Dr. Roger S. Ulrich (1979) found 30 years ago that even unspectacular natural scenes have a positive effect on the mood of their viewers. While urban sceneries tend to intensify negative emotions, nature images reduce stress, feelings of fear and induce friendly feelings. (after Knopf 1987, Saum-Aldehoff 1993, Gebhard 1994).

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Professional Despatch

Our fine art prints are delivered between 5 - max. 14 working days (depending of the location) after receipt of the order. We ship directly to you from the laboratory. The special art packaging guarantees safe transport of your print, whether already laminated and framed or rolled.

What our clients say:

Moguai (dj)

I am totally enthusiastic about the photographs and the quality !! Just awesome! I ordered a picture behind acrylic glass and when I look at it, I feel like I'm at the sea ❤️❤️❤️🔥

Maayan Lungman (actress)

I was looking for a way to light up the room and "open a window " in a long wall that gave the whole room a closed feeling. This picture gives so much light to the whole room! It is like bringing in pure nature. The quality of the photography and the sharpness of every detail make me feel that I am right there - this is my favorite place to sit and meditate :) very recommended!

Nadja Michael (opera singer)

Just got my wonderful print of DIAZO landscapes . An eternal view over sand and seaside . Looking at it, my mind and soul slow down and gives me vibrations of peace and harmony . Thx a lot . Wonderful and highly recommended! 

Birte Glang (actress)

Pictures to dream about! Whether it's raining outside or you had a stressful day, when I look at these pictures I find peace and let myself be impressed by the forces of nature and being kidnapped into another world. Images for the soul!

Claudia Bechstein (moderator)

I live in the middle of the city. I travel a lot and have a stressful job. My home has become even more a quiet and safe place thanks to the beautiful picture with the fantastic nature. The photo grounds me and has a meditative effect.

Bernd Schwarting (artist)

Beautiful, atmospheric landscapes, superbly photographed, technically perfectly implemented, brilliant quality.

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