Moguai (dj)

I am totally enthusiastic about the photographs and the quality !! Just awesome! I ordered a picture behind acrylic glass and when I look at it, I feel like I'm at the sea ❤️❤️❤️🔥

Nadja Michael (opera singer)

Just got my wonderful print of DIAZO landscapes . An eternal view over sand and seaside . Looking at it, my mind and soul slow down and gives me vibrations of peace and harmony . Thx a lot . Wonderful and highly recommended! 

Claudia Bechstein (moderator)

I live in the middle of the city. I travel a lot and have a stressful job. My home has become even more a quiet and safe place thanks to the beautiful picture with the fantastic nature. The photo grounds me and has a meditative effect.

Maayan Lungman (actress)

I was looking for a way to light up the room and "open a window " in a long wall that gave the whole room a closed feeling. This picture gives so much light to the whole room! It is like bringing in pure nature. The quality of the photography and the sharpness of every detail make me feel that I am right there - this is my favorite place to sit and meditate :) very recommended!

Birte Glang (actress)

Pictures to dream about! Whether it's raining outside or you had a stressful day, when I look at these pictures I find peace and let myself be impressed by the forces of nature and being kidnapped into another world. Images for the soul!

Bernd Schwarting (artist)

Beautiful, atmospheric landscapes, superbly photographed, technically perfectly implemented, brilliant quality.

Jessica Fredericks (managing director Erindi GmbH)

The beautiful shots transfer immense calm and clarity and at the same time there is a depth in the picture that fascinates me again and again. Since I have been following Mika Ceron's very successful career for years, I am not surprised by the rapid success of this new concept, because one thing has always been the focus of his work: quality and professionalism. Highly Recommended!!

Yael Badash (singer)

When we received our print we could not believe how strong its impact can be! It was way more than we imagined. Every time I look at it , it fills my soul with wholeness, balance and positive feelings, so rich, so fine, so impressing, I am so happy to have it!

Zoe Helali (model/ artist)

I love nature. With my landscape shot I finally have a fantastic view of a wide landscape - unfortunately the windows of a city apartment do not offer such a view. The picture also shows fascinating natural details ... great - makes me very happy and relaxes my soul.

Nadja Mezian (head of retail/ sale)

For a week now the picture G007 - 160 x 120 - print under acrylic glass has been hanging in our bedroom. It has a wonderful effect! The picture has completely transformed the room. I dive into the picture every morning - it gives me positive energy for the day! Thank you for the powerful Fine Art Print!

Oliver Westphal (restaurateur - Picoteo)

Thank you for the pictures - open and enlighten the rooms. Great.

Arne Weingart (Producer)

The beautiful landscape with the black lava earth and light green grapevines brings me right back to Lanzarote! The photo captivates with brilliant color rendering and lifelike reproduction. Was also enthusiastic about the fast & super packaged delivery!

Holger Brandt (Architect)

We are very enthusiastic about the top quality of the pictures, as we were able to personally experience the location of the picture onsite. The picture "Fine Art Ocean Print LO18" has a fantastic resolution. The picture hangs in our bedroom and I can almost hear the murmer of the sea when I see it. It calms you down.

Anna Verkhorubova (Founder AVOCAI)

I love the landscape shots of Diazo Landscapes. They are so powerful, lively, authentic, aesthetic and of very high quality. When I look at the picture of the sea that I bought on the website, I immediately feel inspired and positive. It's wonderful that you can buy such works of art online quickly, in high quality, and at an affordable price. Thank you.

Sacha Berlik, Entrepreneur

The Diazo Landscapes have a very positive effect on our office atmosphere. A calming effect in our open offices,  they create focal points of peace and space. Visually vitalizing in the conference areas. Remarkable how these works of art change our spaces. A really worthwhile investment.